Adapted and Directed by Steven Rumbelow

Steven had always admired the Mosfilm Solaris and he became a fan of Polish author Stanislaw Lem's works as a science-fiction writer. When Triple Action started working with Grotowski's company in Poland, Steven sought out Lem who was living in a kind of Zen creche in Krakow. By this time, Steven had done what he called the microcosm of Ulysses, an eternal universe of minutiae in a 24 hour period. Now he wanted to move to the BIG picture of the macro universe so brilliantly posed by Lem.

Lem gave Steven permission to do a stage adaptation of the book. The play was received with intense success and in some ways devotion on the part of the public in 18 countries around the world. It was to prepare Steven conceptually to be ready for Ulysses.

Solaris was eventually transformed into Steven's own story, Curriculum Vitae, where he expressed his distaste for Thatcherism and his need to leave England and move on with his life. Curriculum Vitae toured in unison with Ulysses and when it played on tour in Krakow, Stanislaw Lem danced in a conga line with the audience, down the street singing the last song of the show.

The polish movement for freedom, Solidarity, had Triple Action perform the play to thousands of workers in the Polish shipyards of Gdansk, Gdinia and Szczecin.