Moby Dick
Adapted and Directed by Steven Rumbelow
Produced by Remains Theatre

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Remains Theatre in Chicago had formed a great relationship with Triple Action and hosted their productions in tandem with Steppenwolf Theatre during the late seventies and early eighties. William L. Petersen was a member of Remains and asked Steven if he could tour with Triple Action as an observer in Europe. During that time, William invited Steven to direct a collaborative production with Remains and Steven suggested Moby Dick.

The production involved an illustrious cast and was nominated for 11 Jeff awards. This brought Moby Dick the honor of having more Jeff nominations than any other production in Chicago history. Of those nominations, it won four.

Steven perceived the book as Melville unleashed and came up with the notion that Melville was a character of the writer in a Victorian troupe of players who presented the play starring Ishmael, the sole surviving member of the ill fated Pequod.

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